Would you like some help with payroll?

We offer businesses of all sizes payroll processing services at fixed prices and in accordance with HMRC guidance and regulations. Also, we facilitate payroll audits, strictly complying with government regulations.

Computing salary, deducting PAYE and NI payments have to be accurate and regular and this involves a thorough knowledge in processing payroll and its rules and regulations. By being up to date with HMRC’s laws we ensure that you are always compliant and thereby avoid unnecessary queries.

Why chose us for processing your payroll?


  • We will ensure your staff are paid on time
  • We make sure your business stays compliant
  • We are easy to reach and local
  • No job is too small or too big for us
  • We offer fixed prices at highly competitive rates




Real Time Information

In April 2013, Real Time Information (RTI) was introduced to the PAYE system.

RTI requires all employers to tell HM Revenue & Customs about all PAYE payments at the same time as they pay their employees instead of waiting until the end of the tax year.

RTI information needs to be submitted electronically to HMRC, as is the case for the end of year P35.

How we can help?

AIT are fully set up to deal with these changes with little impact and no additional work for our Solihull clients. By working with us we will ensure that your staff are paid correctly and on time, and that you are fully compliant with HMRC.We will also keep you update to date with any changes to payroll rules and regulations.

This cost effective and efficient alternative to in-house payroll means that you can focus resources in more valuable areas of the business.

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